Do It For Mom

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Why is there only one day set aside to celebrate mothers? This is a serious question. We aren’t just talking about simple individuals. We are talking about the superheroes who used their powers to kiss away bo-bos, rid the monsters in the closet and made a place to always call ‘home.’ Awarding mothers one day a year will never be enough to give back to what they have sacrificed and accomplished for their young.

Because the day is special, we want them to feel even more special, and finding the perfect gift can be really tough! So, we decided to list a few options that would make wonderful gifts for the Mom in your life.



In Charleston, South Carolina, Rewined beautifully crafts their candles with recycled wine bottles to imitate the smells of the different wine flavors. The founder of the company once worked at a restaurant and could not help but notice all the wasted empty bottles and decided to make use of them –  and we are very happy that he did! Rewined now includes tumblers made of (of course) recycled materials and hand soap to match those amazing wine flavors. Give your mom her favorite flavor and then buy her the real stuff to go with it – that always makes the day better. Let her unwind, relax then Rewind!

  • Candles: $30
  • Tumblers : $40




Yep, custom AND local! We have custom art pieces at our Hattiesburg location done by a few different artists. Rhonda Hayden as well as Lissa Ortego have submitted dazzling paintings to us, and we cannot get enough of them. Want to know a really cool thing they both do? They will come to your house and do a custom piece just for you.. or mom! Stop by and see what paintings are still available or buy her a gift certificate for a custom painting.

  • Art starting at $325



You know your mom wants to have every accessory to prepare her house for her most prized guests and be able to display her children’s and grandchildren’s pictures for all to see. Accessories are very important in making a home cozy and warm. Furniture will take up the excess space and allow you to sit in comfort, but decor brings a room together and invites conversation.

We were able to pick up some great, new accessories from Atlanta market this past winter – including some that are one-of-a-kind pieces! These exceptional ladies deserve some beautiful decor!

  • Gold one-of-a-kind tray with stone handles: $200
  • Chanel and Hermes matchboxes: $129
  • Mother of Pearl picture frames (heavy!): $100



A couple other candle lines that are NEW to J.Allan’s are LAFCO and Niven Morgan candle companies. Both of these companies are unique in their manufacturing.

LAFCO is our newest pickup of candles. Based out of New York, Jon Bressler founded the company in 1992 with a goal to exude luxury in every home. Bressler’s expertise included creative art with perfumery, so he decided to travel to Europe with master perfumers and artisans homeopathic remedies and natural skincare. He then mastered the art and composed LAFCO’s first collection in 2008. Fashioned with only the purest natural ingredients then placed in custom hand-blown glass canisters, any LAFCO product would be a wonderful happy for Mom.

One day in 1998, Niven Morgan decided, whilst sitting in rush hour traffic, that he wanted to break the eight hour monotony of his workweek and create something special. Morgan aspired to create hand-poured luxury candles and personal-care products. Not settling with ordinary fragrances, Morgan was inspired by the aromas from his travels and childhood memories of his family’s farm in Louisiana. From the French Quarter to Morocco to the Caribbean, Niven Morgan’s line captures the heart of the alluring and inspiring locales in all his products in hopes that it lifts your spirit just as it lifts his. Lift your Mom’s spirit with one of his perfumed candles, room spray fragrances or lotion.

  • LAFCO Candles: $60
  • Niven Morgan candles: $45
    • Room spray: $20
    • Lotion: $25

HH46_700x610 niven


Designer Cathy did a wonderful tutorial video on our Facebook page on decorating a dough bowl. We did receive a couple in! As Cathy showed, it can be very simple to make an ordinary wooden bowl into an elegant centerpiece.

  • Bowls starting at $179

doughbowl doughbowl2


Maybe your Mother needs a in-home design consultation and just has not had the time to schedule one. Get her a consult! One of our designers will come to her home, spend time measuring, taking pictures and appealing to her needs then she will come in the store and the designer will present the plans to her.

Or maybe she does not need a consult but would like a shopping spree to the store, you can also give her a gift certificate for whatever amount you choose.

  • In-home design certificates: $300



Again, we know that Mom deserves far more than any candle, dough bowl or accessory that we could offer, but we certainly think these are wonderful items! We have 20% for the month so apply the sale to ALL items listed above.

J.Allan’s wishes all the special moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day weekend!







Cushion Me Crazy

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Let’s face it. We don’t buy chairs and sofas just for the look. Some of us could even care less about the fine fabrics, leathers or nailheads. And when many of us furniture connoisseurs return home from finding the perfect sofa, our significant others pose the question, “But is it comfortable?”

Comfortable? You mean that is supposed to be a factor?

Come on, y’all, if we didn’t look for our items to be comfortable (and pretty), we would certainly be out of commission!

Because comfort comes in all forms and feels, we make certain that our customers have plenty of choices to meet their comfort level.  At J.Allan’s, there is no such thing as having to choose a style you do not like just to sacrifice for a comfort you do like and vice versa.We invest in manufacturing companies, such as Bassett, that allow the customer to select what cushion he/she wants without having to select an entirely different sofa or chair. Customization at its finest.

“What are the cushions that I get to choose from?”

There are four different and most popular types of cushions: standard, blend down, firm, and spring down. Let’s do the breakdown.

Standard cushions have polyester fiber that is glued to top, front and bottom of the core, which is made of cotton. The borders are then sewn.  Spring down cushions also have the glued polyester fiber on all sides but the core is spring and down-proof tick and sewn borders. Then down/feather/fiber pockets complete the top and bottom of the core. The standard and spring down cushions are the most purchased.

Blend-down cushions have everything that the spring down cushions have, just without the spring. As stated above, the “blend” consists of down, feather, and fiber. Lastly, firm cushions have an Indentation Load Deflection (IFD) core. In other words, the extra firmness helps prevent any indentions on the cushion.

The types described above are available in all groups. In addition, Bassett has now introduced feather, feather down and memory foam to select groups!  So, stay tuned as we also get acquainted with the new options!

We could bore you with even more details about the cushions, but the best way to make your decision is to come visit with us and try them out. Each showroom has every option available for a test drive. And don’t forget, we have 30% OFF until Tuesday!


Photo courtesy: Bassett


Pillow Talk

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These last few days, many people throughout the country have been cuddled up on their sofas in comfy clothes wrapped in warm throws. And with all that time spent looking at our indoor surroundings, we have been able to scrutinize ever minor thing that we either want to change, expand or get rid of. Definitely makes us look forward to spring cleaning and warmer weather!

One of those minor things that we’ve been scrutinizing is something that we have also been curled up with lately.. our pillows. Pillows can be one of the smaller aspects of design but can make a large impact on the mood of a room. Brookhaven designer Cathy weighs in on how to select the perfect pillows.

Consider the size and the number of pillows you want to use. The smaller pillows have a max of about eighteen inches. These are uniformed and nest neatly on the furniture which gives an elegant, tidy ambience to the room. The larger pillows, which are usually 22-24 inches, allow a more relaxed, “loungey” feel. As far as the number of pillows, Cathy recommends to use an odd number. Using an odd number of pillows brings out the artsy features and gives a little soul to the room. With that said, one must determine what type atmosphere he or she wants to create. Much differently than large furniture pieces, pillows can easily be changed with the seasons.

“The rule of thumb when selecting pillows – contrast, texture and filling,” says Cathy.

Contrast is defined as the opposition or juxtaposition of different forms, lines, or colors in work of art to intensify each element’s properties and produce a more dynamic expressiveness. A great example of mixing color and patterns that contrast with furniture is the picture above. The vibrant colors in the pillows give purpose to a dull, beige sofa.  The texture can be leather, nubby linen, cotton or anything else that is a  little out of the normal pillow spectrum. Lastly, fillings can be feather (Cathy’s favorite), foam or some other synthetic mix.

For the best display of pillows, make sure they are fluffed and all filling is distributed evenly. Cathy adds that too many pillows can become “a job” taking them on and off. But if you are like us, it’s not quite a job if you love elegance and refinement.

J.Allan’s receives various shipments of pillows of all kinds of contrast, texture and fillings. Come see what you can add!

Photo courtesy: Loloi



Ask The Designer: Open Floor Plans

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For most newly built houses in the current era, an open floor plan is the most common. And with more open spaces, our hearts and minds are also open to so many exciting ideas in which to make our homes more cozy. Though, sometimes it’s not as easy as it looks or sounds. Let’s take Cindy Vreeland for example. She wants to know how to make her open concept areas flow together better. She states that she has twelve foot ceilings and stained concrete floors throughout, and “it feels like a big echoing room!”

We asked Hattiesburg designer Julie for answers.

First off, to aid any echoing acoustics, place rugs in each area. Of course, measure the area to begin with to see how large of rug you may need. We talk more about rugs in a previous post to help for tips on selecting the right rug. In addition to help with unnecessary noise, Julie suggests to hang drapes. The drapes benefits as a wonderful visual aid as well. If you have very tall windows, make sure you hang from the very top of the highest pane.

Open floor plans are designed to create ample space. Don’t be afraid to use it! Make sure you have enough seating for your honored guests for the holidays and thereafter. Julie says that some rooms need more than one group of furniture to accomplish the goals of accommodations and putting the extra space to good use.

About those twelve foot ceilings, Cindy. High ceilings can make a house feel much bigger and more notable. But in order to take full advantage of the prominence, one must determine the correct scale of furniture. For instance, low profile types of furniture will look “squatty” with high ceilings. The same goes for art and other frames. Julie recommends to mix in bigger casegood pieces to add height such as a cabinet with a hutch for a kitchen/dining area and bookcases or other larger sideboards for the living area.

Last but not least is lighting. Our followers know how much we adore the concept of light! For the means of this topic, Julie advises that each area needs over head lighting of some sort to define the space. For kitchens, position a pendant or two over the island. Then for the dining and living area, add a pretty chandelier. For those needing tips on light fixtures, click here. 

We hope we have covered everything. Until next time..Enjoy all the food, fixings, football and most of all, the time with family. From the words of J.Allan himself, “Life is more than than a job, house, car, etc. Loved ones are what’s important.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • ‘Tis the Season for Entertaining
  • ‘Tis the Season for Entertaining
  • ‘Tis the Season for Entertaining
  • ‘Tis the Season for Entertaining
  • ‘Tis the Season for Entertaining

‘Tis the Season for Entertaining

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The witches have cast their spells, the ghosts have booed, and the ghouls have gone back to their graves. Halloween 2016 has come and gone, BUT that does not mean fall withers away with the brooms and black cats. The “C” month is not at J.Allan’s yet! We treat Thanksgiving as passionately and dearly as the ones that surround us on that wonderful day of fellowship and turkey. The “C-time” will have its turn.. after Thanksgiving, and we will be just as excited when it gets here.

Now, onto more important things, like getting your home together for all the family and friends that will pack in for the days to come! As you can see in our photos, our Hattiesburg designers set a beautiful example on how to decorate your dining table for the holidays.

We’ll break it down for you.

The design team used multiple neutral colored pumpkins to be set as the main pieces for table. They then painted and threw a little gold glitter to the top of each. This is to add for contrast against the rustic textures of the table. Glitter helps add “pop” to accent the theme, just be careful not to add too much!

The designers then took grapevine wreaths and unwrapped them to create a “nest” for the pumpkins to be placed. And in their words, “Super easy!” Grapevine wreaths can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s for a pretty small price. Or if you’re really feeling woodsy, you can easily find them in the Mississippi thick brush.

Next, they placed chargers and plates of different colors and materials to create a layered appearance. Then they added candlesticks for added height. However, keep in mind of the height of your centerpieces. You most definitely do not want tall objects obstructing conversation with your special guests.

Ok. So, we have our basic centerpieces: pumpkins, grapevine, candlesticks and chargers. Now, let’s discuss the accents and special toppers.

With every rustic charmed table theme, live greenery is a must. The team added the greenery to the grapevine nest. Though, succulents would also be a fantastic addition. Fresh flowers also always deliver an extra special touch. On the sideboard behind the table, curly willow sit in the bottom of a vase then hydrangea and roses with more curly willow are combined at the top of the vase for prominence.

Personalization is the last essential when entertaining guests. Not only does it help confusion at the time to dine, but the name cards are a great keepsake to go along with other party favors. The designers applied gold lettered name tags to small white pumpkins and then tied them with twine.

We hope this has been helpful for those getting their homes party ready.  ‘Tis the season for entertaining!




Ask The Designer: Book Shelves

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We would not be where we are today if not for our constituents. YOU are our inspiration. YOU keep us going. We owe it all to YOU. And because of  the unwavering support, we decided to dedicate some of our blog posts just for Y-O-U. Every so often we will select a question that our followers submit and have one of the J.Allan’s designers to answer. So, be sure to be on the lookout, and you might see your question!

We have selected Amy F.’s question for today.

Amy asks, “My design dilemma is my built-ins/book cases! What goes where?
What should I put at the very bottom? What colors? Do I set a “theme” or just mix and match? Can you have too many picture frames displayed?”

Bookshelves. One of the most common pieces of furniture, whether built-in or free-standing, can cause us pull our hair out at times. So many empty spaces…the possibilities… makes us just want to grab a jar of peanut butter and cry tears of indecisiveness. We certainly don’t want that for you (even though there’s nothing wrong with eating peanut butter out of the jar).

J.Allan’s designer, Julie, has answers.

Julie says that she likes to use vast collection of things for placement: books, vases, decorative boxes, some picture frames and a mix of round objects for texture and eye-catching interests.

“If you collect certain items, this is a great place to display them in a grouping,” says the Hattiesburg designer. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that means you can actually display your collections of whatever tickles your fancy. She continues, “Anything grouped is easier on the eyes versus spread throughout different shelves.” This is also a good tip to remember as we get closer to the holidays.

You’re right, Amy, the bottom shelf can be tricky. So, Julie clarifies, “On the bottom shelf, I typically like to place one or a few larger items to ground the overall ‘look’ of the case.” Ahh.. so, ground the look on the ground. Makes perfect sense!

Since every one needs a little color in their life, Julie recommends leaning some artwork within the shelves. Just like an art print on the wall, it helps bring together the objects in the room. The same goes for bookshelves.

Finally, what are book cases made for? Books, of course! Who would have thought there were so many ways that books could be displayed? Julie weighs in on the final tip, “Instead of layering the books side by side (library style), try stacking them then place a pretty object on top. The idea for any bookshelf is to keep it clean and simple.”

We hope we covered everything on decorating bookshelves. A big “Thank YOU” to our followers who submitted questions. Keep ’em coming!



Picture courtesy of: Bassett


Let’s Rug It Out

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Rugs make everything better. They help prevent our feet from touching a cold floor when we first wake up. They add soft cushion for our children as they stroll out all those toys that we thought we hid. They insulate an area for acoustics, warmth and coziness. Rugs can be the vital piece that gets the most work but lacks the credit. A rug is that missing piece an area needs.

So, let’s rug it out.

When selecting the proper rug, size is the biggest factor. The surface area in which to cover is the main basis of picking out the right size. A mistake we often see is that a rug is the first thing picked out, bought and already on the floor before the furniture ,and the rug ends up being too small.  Measure the area, first. Then determine (or let us do it for you) what pieces of furniture will be in the room. Viola. Now you know what size rug is needed.

The rug is the biggest accent piece in a room, so you always what it to compliment the furniture. Pretty obvious, right? Let’s move on.

Indoor/outdoor rugs have become increasingly popular over the last decade due to the ease of care. Since they can weather the outdoors and indoors, they can be shook out and cleaned easier.  Many people do not want to spend a great deal of money on a rug that will get trampled by muddy feet and household pets. (Insert here: Mental image of the dog shaking all the mud and water off onto the rug and other surroundings.) Eek.

However, when there is a more pleasant and less trafficked area in the house, choosing and purchasing a rug becomes a much more peaceful experience. There are so many styles and feels to select from. Now, we do always get posed the question of why a rug that may look the similar to another is so much different in pricing. First, one must know all the ways a rug can be made. Braided, hand knotted, hand loomed,  hand stitched, hand tufted, hand woven, hooked, power loomed, and machine made are all the ways that rugs are developed. Let’s take power loomed vs. hand loomed. Power loomed rugs such as the one here are woven by, well, power. Machines. Computer-controlled devices that usually input the textiles, usually thick yarn-like material, into a mesh backing. Hand loomed rugs such as the one here are made on an actual loom, which is a frame that interlaces at right angles using multiple threads. There’s quite a bit of difference in pricing of the two solely because the quality in which the rug is made.

J.Allan’s offers a generous assortment of rugs. In our previous post about Joanna Gaines and her Magnolia Home line, we stated that we had picked up a brand new line which would include her own Magnolia rugs that would come in September. They kept their schedule, and we kept our word. Now, you can rug it out with us. Shop our rugs and pillows in either showroom or online!


Photo courtesy: Loloi Rugs