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It’s Only Paint

by J.Allan's |June 13, 2016 |11 Comments | Blogs, Blogs special | ,

There are not many things we adore more than running our fingers across a reclaimed wood table and feeling the distinct grooves. Or sliding into a soft pillow top sofa with custom fabric. Or placing a charming lamp to make a side piece look even more prominent. You could say we are a tad obsessed.

But paint.

Yes, paint. The liquid matter that absolutely brings life and vitality to a home. We’ll be honest, we would not have a specialty without paint. Meaning, our furniture and accessories selection would be worthless to our customers without fine paint colors. Paint compliments home furnishings and decor which is surprisingly not the other the way around. Hence, our pledge to paint colors.

So, how does it work? Picking out the precise color, that is.

Firstly, one must know that not every color fits in every house. Just like not every living room is adequate for a sectional, and that’s OK! It just means that each house, each room has its own personality and identity. Many things can influence that personality such as, ceiling height, floors, walls, and light. Of course, the more natural light a room has, the better. Light can make even the tiniest areas feel bigger, particularly with a lighter hue. We often find that if a color is too dark, a small space may feel even smaller, especially with the lack of natural light.

The second step and probably the most crucial step is SAMPLING. Must, must, must sample. However, a common mistake is choosing too many sample colors which will only leave you overwhelmed.

Seriously, who wants that?

So, the key is to narrow down your selection to three colors. After you’ve pulled three, let your walls do the work. We believe a true sample should be applied as 3 coats and measured as 4 inches by 4 inches (4×4). You should then look at your wall samples four times a day for a couple of days, morning, noon, afternoon and night. This ensures that you won’t make a rash or quick decision. These samples will also help you notice the undertones of the paint color. Undertones are the “concealed” qualities in the color that you don’t tend to see until it is applied. Always be mindful and read what undertones are included in your color.

The last step is easiest, brush away! And, oh, that brand-new coat is instantly refreshing. Paint can help create the perfect mood. We, at J.Allan’s, prefer a more relaxed and revitalizing mood, which is just another reason for you to visit with us! All in all, a wall is a canvas for your furnishings and decor, and we can assist with the latter.

And remember, it’s only paint.

Shiplap Sweethearts

by J.Allan's |June 13, 2016 |60 Comments | Blogs, Blogs special | , , ,

What many thought would be just another show about buying and revamping some old house quickly turned into designing phenomenon and America’s heartthrob. Chip and Joanna Gaines brought their best ideas and techniques with sickingly adorable marriage humor to HGTV in May 2013 and instantly captured the hearts of many.

Shiplap, tobacco baskets, and subway tile are certainly not recent or unfamiliar to any generation of design. But with Chip’s engineering and Joanna’s touch (literally), the interior design world compassed a rebirth of excitement for its constituents. Now, the Gaines’ ever advantageous “Magnolia Home” has made their footprint in the furniture world. Fans of the Shiplap Sweethearts no longer have to travel to Waco, Texas in order to shop for Magnolia products as they direct sell to selected dealers across the country.

J.Allan’s is proud to be one of those selected dealers!

In mid-April, some of the our team traveled to High Point Market in North Carolina and met the loved couple whilst browsing their product in the Magnolia Home showroom. We were (and still are) delighted to be chosen as a dealer and have Magnolia product on our floor! Additionally, we picked up a brand new line of rugs from Loloi that will also include Joanna’s designs coming in September.

So stay tuned! And make sure you and your friends know that J.Allan’s has the Joanna Gaines collection. If it’s not in our current inventory, we can special order anything to fit your design needs.

Under the Umbrella of Sunbrella

by J.Allan's |June 13, 2016 |2055 Comments | Blogs, Blogs special | , ,

Oh, the woes of stain removal.

Let’s be honest, friends. Stain removal is about as agonizing and irritating as being caught in a downpour without an umbrella. (See what we did there?)

When it comes to shopping for neutral hued upholstery, our consumers initially focus on the comfort and feel that comes with the attractiveness of the furniture. But then the common thoughts and questions come rumbling through…

“I just worry how dirty it will get. I have kids and pets.”
“How easy is it to get stains out?”
“We do spaghetti night while watching Game of Thrones, and my significant other is messy.”

We usually answer your questions with the question, “Have you heard of Sunbrella fabric?”

What started as an alternative to cotton for awnings and marine upholstery, Sunbrella took the acrylic fiber material to the furniture industry. Now, all of the nation’s leading casual furniture manufacturers have adopted Sunbrella fabrics for their premium furniture lines. What makes the fabric so durable is that it is engineered for a serviceable lifespan two to ten times longer than conventional fabrics. In other words, Sunbrella has got the look and feel of cotton but does not fade or deteriorate while also resisting pesky spots and stains. Thus, making it a prime choice fabric.

Luckily for our J.Allan’s shoppers, we have an innumerable amount of Sunbrella fabric choices through our vendors to cover your furniture. For those who already have the prime fabric know that a stain chart is available. So, whatever your kids and pets bring in and no matter how messy your significant other gets during spaghetti night, Sunbrella makes cleaning your furniture simple and painless.

Call us or come see us to find more about Sunbrella and how you can implement it into your home!

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