The J.Allan’s Story

Beginning in late 2011 in historic Brookhaven, Mississippi, J.Allan’s was established in honor of James Allan Smith, a tried and true prodigy of the furniture industry. Allan learned the business from his father and then passed down the knowledge to his son. Unfortunately, Allan was stricken with cancer in 2010 and succumbed to the illness later that year. Therefore, the new concept was brought forth and the store was named to honor his lasting legacy.

Due of the amount of positive feedback about the J.Allan’s product and shopping experience in Brookhaven, a unanimous decision was made to open another storefront, this time in Mississippi’s “Hub City” of Hattiesburg.  Now, with two locations, J.Allan’s current and prospective customers have a bit more convenience and leisure in their decisions to shop for their style.

At J.Allan’s, shoppers will discover unique and exclusive furniture and decor that encompasses many tones. What our buyers will not find is furnishings of the traditional type. Today’s homeowners are looking for something different. No longer content to buy mass-produced furniture, they want their home to reflect their passions, their sense of style. J.Allan’s offers an eclectic assortment of rare and distinctive pieces that will help bring life and vitality to any home. The inventory includes pieces from local artisans as well as imports from all over the world. Our ever-unfolding selection of assorted furnishings and accessories is what sets J.Allan’s apart, and because of the changing merchandise, shoppers will find a new store with the same feel every time they step inside.

We also offer in-home design consultations. An interior designer from J.Allan’s will visit a home, create a design plan then present the layout to the customer within two weeks. Find more about the in-home design under “Consultations” on the home page. Also, browse away the featured products, and learn more about us in our frequent blog posts under “Revelations” on the home screen.

The intention and purpose of J.Allan’s is to honor and portray the same caliber nature that Allan demonstrated throughout his life. Through his name, we aspire to continue his lasting legacy and pass on his values through the J.Allan’s experience and concept.