Our goal is to provide our clients with a design-forward space that is well-curated, and customized to their unique style and needs. Setup an appointment today for our interior designers to meet you at your home.


Furniture and decor is just vehicle to interior design. We not only have the means to supply the furnishings; we also possess team of designers that can help touch up your home. Don't stress trying to make hard decisions what do with that extra space in the living room. Allow us to be your resource to your home design projects.


Want to redesign your home and not sure what to do? For a fee of $300, a J.Allan's designer will travel to a home, create a design plan then present the project blueprints to you within two weeks. However, if you purchase at least $3000, the fee is credited back to your purchase making the consult essentially FREE. Travel locations are limited to neighboring states. Call any location for more information. Good design shouldn't be intimidating or unattainable, and neither fits our vocabulary.



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The latest messages, tips and tidings about design and what is happening at J.Allan's

Do It For Mom

Why is there only one day set aside to celebrate mothers? This is a serious question. We aren’t just talking about simple individuals. We are talking about the superheroes who used their powers to kiss away bo-bos, rid the monsters in the closet and made a place to always call ‘home.’ Awarding mothers one day […]

Porch Posing

“When out of sorts with life or self, A porch is hard to beat As long as you’ve a comfy chair And space to stretch your feet…” Now, that is truth that DOESN’T hurt. We know. Our store mostly targets the interior parts of a home. But did YOU know a portion of the products […]

Cushion Me Crazy

Let’s face it. We don’t buy chairs and sofas just for the look. Some of us could even care less about the fine fabrics, leathers or nailheads. And when many of us furniture connoisseurs return home from finding the perfect sofa, our significant others pose the question, “But is it comfortable?” Comfortable? You mean that […]

Pillow Talk

These last few days, many people throughout the country have been cuddled up on their sofas in comfy clothes wrapped in warm throws. And with all that time spent looking at our indoor surroundings, we have been able to scrutinize ever minor thing that we either want to change, expand or get rid of. Definitely […]

Ask The Designer: Open Floor Plans

For most newly built houses in the current era, an open floor plan is the most common. And with more open spaces, our hearts and minds are also open to so many exciting ideas in which to make our homes more cozy. Though, sometimes it’s not as easy as it looks or sounds. Let’s take […]

‘Tis the Season for Entertaining

The witches have cast their spells, the ghosts have booed, and the ghouls have gone back to their graves. Halloween 2016 has come and gone, BUT that does not mean fall withers away with the brooms and black cats. The “C” month is not at J.Allan’s yet! We treat Thanksgiving as passionately and dearly as […]

Ask The Designer: Book Shelves

We would not be where we are today if not for our constituents. YOU are our inspiration. YOU keep us going. We owe it all to YOU. And because of  the unwavering support, we decided to dedicate some of our blog posts just for Y-O-U. Every so often we will select a question that our […]

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Let’s Rug It Out

Rugs make everything better. They help prevent our feet from touching a cold floor when we first wake up. They add soft cushion for our children as they stroll out all those toys that we thought we hid. They insulate an area for acoustics, warmth and coziness. Rugs can be the vital piece that gets […]

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Fall Into Your Home

  The first official day of the autumn season is Thursday, September 22nd.How could anyone not be excited?! Colors, smells, feels, tastes and even temperaments change all for the better during autumn. Homes, inside and outside, come to life all throughout the season in many ways, Halloween, football games, fall parties and then onto Thanksgiving […]

Let There Be Light

LIGHT helps in the growth of our plants and the food we eat. LIGHT brings warmth to our skin on a cool day. LIGHT lets us see the beauties of the earth and the joys that surround us. LIGHT = LIFE Our homes represent all the intricacies of our lives, our spirit, our cravings, our […]

It’s Only Paint

There are not many things we adore more than running our fingers across a reclaimed wood table and feeling the distinct grooves. Or sliding into a soft pillow top sofa with custom fabric. Or placing a charming lamp to make a side piece look even more prominent. You could say we are a tad obsessed. […]

Shiplap Sweethearts

What many thought would be just another show about buying and revamping some old house quickly turned into designing phenomenon and America’s heartthrob. Chip and Joanna Gaines brought their best ideas and techniques with sickingly adorable marriage humor to HGTV in May 2013 and instantly captured the hearts of many. Shiplap, tobacco baskets, and subway […]

Under the Umbrella of Sunbrella

Oh, the woes of stain removal. Let’s be honest, friends. Stain removal is about as agonizing and irritating as being caught in a downpour without an umbrella. (See what we did there?) When it comes to shopping for neutral hued upholstery, our consumers initially focus on the comfort and feel that comes with the attractiveness of the […]

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